The Dark Knight Rises APK Latest For Android
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Download The Dark Knight Rises full free APK here by few clicks. Batman is back once again, this time to the android. A super popular comic and movie is now available in form game to play and the best part is to play on your smartphone anywhere you want. This awesome Batman game is developed by a team who made many great hits in the past and this one is also super amazing hit game. The Game is made by Gameloft, Experience the final chapter to Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy. The whole game is inspired by one of the most amazing movie from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Batman has returned from the darkness after duration of 4 years along with new mysteries enemies Bane and Selina Kyle trying to end our hero’s legacy and Gotham city.

The Dark Knight Rises Game Review.

Bane is a very powerful opponent, in order to defeat him and save Gotham city you will have to make as many allies possible. Number of missions in this game are vast and each of them delivers Batman experience in the most satisfying way ever. There are also some random crimes taking place and other events which will immerse you into state of superhero very quickly. You are the only one who can alter destruction of Gotham by getting rid of bombs, rescuing hostages, epic enemy chases and preventing jailbreaks. Like any RPG “The Dark Knight Rises” offers the ability to unlock skills throughout your journey. You can collect various hidden items scattered in Gotham city and can upgrade your fighting skills. Experience console like graphics on a mobile device and conquer the Gotham against crime using super cool Batman weapons and gadgets.

The Dark Knight Rises Features.

• Console like graphics
• Immersive action
• Variety of missions and many of them
• Random events taking place
• RPG element such as unlocking and upgrading stuff
• Inspired by the movie
• Final chapter to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy
• Access to super cool Batman weapons and gadgets

Download The Dark Knight Rises APK

Download APK
Requires Android 2.3.3 or above so if are you ready to play as Batman and kill the shit out of thugs and other criminals in style? This game is a perfect thing to play and say “I’M BATMAN”, download The Dark Knight Rises from the link given below.

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