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Data Recovery software is hard to find especially when you need to recover data from devices such as android smartphones. You need such software when you happen to delete some of your files such as photos, videos, documents, music, and all other files which you deleted by mistake or for any reason. So, the app which is recommended for most of the users for recovering their deleted data is DiskDigger Pro Apk. Of all the apps that you can get for the purpose, you will find this one to be working perfectly. However, one thing that discourages users from getting this app is that it works completely fine on rooted android device but without root, you will not be able to use the complete features of the app. To get this amazing app and recover your files, download DiskDigger Pro APK right here on our site.

DiskDigger Pro Apk

DiskDigger Pro Features Apk:

Before I tell you the features of Diskdigger Pro File Recovery Apk, it is important to know the way of rooting your Android device. Without rooting, you will not be using all the features you are going to read in this article. For quick and one tap rooting, you can use either King Root or FRAMAROOT app. Once rooted your android device and installed, you can enjoy the following features.

  • You can recover all of your deleted data such as movies, pictures, documents, and other stuff.
  • The app is mostly known for a better recovery of image files.
  • The video formats which you can recover include MP4, MPEG, 3GP, and even flash files.
  • Formats for image files recovered by the app are JPEG, BNP, and PNG formats.
  • Though all features work with rooted device, you can still recover photos with non-rooted.
  • The standard version of the app can be used for free.
  • It recovers files only if you have cache of those files left.

DiskDigger Pro APK Review:

Though most people would say that what good is an app that requires money for its pro version and works with rooted phone better? Still, it is also true that the other apps which you get for free and works on a non-rooted device are unable to deliver the promised performance. This app is highly recommended because it is light, small in size, works perfectly, and recovers most of those file formats which another app cannot do at all. Also, the working and recovery procedure of disk digger is much easier than the other apps. It requires the minimum of permissions and it still synchronizes perfectly well with your android device. Even though it has some mixed reviews and hold an average rating of 3.0, you are not going to get a better app than this one.

Some icons which don’t let people using this app is requirement of your phone to be rooted and paid offers for the pro version. However, if you want to recover pictures only then simply don’t go for the paid version and use the non-rooted features. Never remove all the cache from your phone so that Disk Digger Pro can be of your help.

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DiskDigger Pro Apk

DiskDigger Pro Apk

DiskDigger Pro Apk

DiskDigger Pro Apk

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