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Does your kid show interest when he look at the doctors and all kinds of medical stuff and in future, he may want to become a doctor? If yes, then it is time to boost up his confidence and passion by providing him with this beautiful android game in which your child can become a medical practicing person right from this age. The game goes by the name Doctor Mania on the play store and this is one of the funniest games for the kids. In Doctor Mania Apk, your kid works as a doctor who will face many medical cases and will need to diagnose and treat his patients for their different diseases. Being an adult, you can also play this game. To get this game on your android device, download the free Dokter Mania APK right now from our website and install it on your kid’s or your own device to become a medical doctor online.

Doctor Mania Apk

Doctor Mania Apk Features and Game Modes:

The gameplay of this game is quite a simple and an interesting one. Many kids with their different diseases will come to your clinic and you will need to identify and treat their diseases. There are a lot of tools in your clinic such as a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, and other tools which a doctor needs to diagnose and treat the diseases of his patients. Once you successfully solve a case, you gain points in the game, your level increase, and on the next levels, you will face even more complicated medical cases. So, this was everything we could tell you about the gameplay of this game. Listed below are few of the quick and major features of this game.

  • The diseases and surgeries performed in this game are based on real life and all the diseases you are going to identify in this game are from the real world. You will need to understand the symptoms and based on your experience, you will diagnose and treat the disease. Make sure that you do it in lesser time to score more.
  • The game has very beautiful gameplay and graphics. All the things look quite attractive and you want to keep playing it since everything is designed in detail and also the sound effects which are amusing.
  • Once you progress through the game, you win different prizes which you can open to get new stuff in the game.

To get this beautiful game, download the free Dokter Mania APK from link given below and have some great time with your kids. Keep visiting our website for more free android games and apps.

Download Doctor Mania Apk File:

Download Doctor Mania Apk


Doctor Mania Apk Doctor Mania Apk Doctor Mania Apk Doctor Mania Apk

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