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For the fans of strategy games, Bloons TD Battles franchise is really a perfect one. This game has everything which can be done on a small screen while playing on a smartphone. While you can think of some good strategies, it is the time to implement them somewhere you can get the quickest of results. And, this is why we have brought you this game where you get into some really intense strategic war on your android smartphone right away. Bloons TD Battles Apk needs some really quick actions to be performed while playing and this is why you are going to need some good practice before competing against the world. The game works on the same gameplay like Zuma Deluxe but the adventure here is on a whole new level.

Bloons TD Battles is available for free on plat store. It’s basically a trail version for Bloons TD 5 which is the premium version of Bloons TD series. Bloons TD battles has many amazing features which are going to entertain you. The game is developed in more than 18 locations for variation so that you didn’t get bored. It also includes 27 different battle tracks, 22 towers 18 levels and much more.

Bloons TD Battles Apk

Bloons TD BattlesĀ Apk Details:

Before I tell you about the game modes and features, you need to know something about the gameplay. In this game, your protagonist is a tier 1 Monkey which fires to place the object of different colors in the moving train of objects and when they 3 objects of the same color meet in the consecutive pattern, they explode thus, decreasing the number of objects and when they are finished, a level gets completed. Let us now talk about different game modes and features of the game.

  • As I talked about levels in the gameplay section, there are 18 of them and as you progress through the game, these levels become harder and harder. You will need more speed and shooting accuracy in order to bring down the enemies and finish off their number to complete a level. 18 different maps also mean 18 different levels of difficulty and you can realize how hard will be the challenge.
  • You can also build up to 27 custom battle tracks and this customization of maps becomes even handy in the multiplayer mode where if you are good at these, you can bring down enemies even more easily.
  • The monkey towers are everything in the game and in this game, there are 22 of them. Also, the upgrade section for them is quite big where you can 8 upgrades to give them more strength but this requires a lot of money which you will earn through the game.
  • The game has a total of four battle modes including the assault mode where your combat skills really matter, the defensive mode, the battle area mode, and the last one is card battle modes. All of these modes have their own unique strengths and weaknesses which you will learn as your progress in the game.
  • The best thing is the multiplayer mode where you can compete against the world and become a champion, first try to master the single player mode of the game which has 18 levels and a whole set of upgrades.

Download Bloons TD Battles Apk File:

Download Bloons TD battles Apk


Bloons TD Battles Apk

Bloons TD Battles Apk

Bloons TD Battles Apk

Bloons TD Battles Apk

Bloons TD Battles Apk

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