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Music fans keep searching for something that will really cheer them up but all they find are casual music streaming which is fine by people who simply want to listen to the music but for the creators, this is not enough. Yes, there are people who love creating music and when they take their time away from the instruments of the studio, they move towards apps like ORG which is one of the finest music composition apps for the androids. The newer and enhanced version of the app is ORG 2017 where there are thousands of compositions and hundreds of instruments to create and play music. It is your best chance to create some amazing melodies and show the world your talent as a music composer. To get this app, download the free ORG 2017 APK from our website and install it on your device to begin some fun.

ORG 2017 is one of the finest android application for music lovers, which is free and can be easily downloaded on any android device. You can also try Songsterr which is also included great features but it is not available for free on play store. So if you are looking for a free app with amazing features then ORG is a great choice for you.

ORG 2017 Apk

ORG 2017 Apk Features:

When you read words like ‘thousands of melodies and hundreds of instruments’ in the introduction, you already felt for this app and wondered if it is really possible. In fact, there is more which is possible with ORG 2017. Let us now have a look at some of the major features of this app.

  • There are more than one thousand musical compositions and melodies in ORG 2017 Apk which are recorded by using hundreds of musical instruments. These melodies are available for absolutely free on the app and you can also know the composition behind them if you want to learn.
  • Latency is an important factor in the music and while you using this app, it provides you with 3 different low latency options which can be set and used by going to the settings and enables one of your choices to play your song with that latency.
  • If you have got a USB MIDI Cable then this app can be even more fun. With the help of this cable, you can connect your musical keyboard to the app and then play the melodies from the keyboard. This takes your musical creativity to the next level of ease.
  • Your phone can be your media destination. Import your favorite songs from the phone and then see their composition in the app. Also, the created sounds can be stored either on the internal storage or the external SD card of the phone. The phone can also be used as the microphone for this app.
  • The app has all the features such as creating, recording, saving, loading, and playing a song. ORG 2017 can also be just another music playing app which can play all the important audio formats.
  • For each instrument, a different control panel is given with this control panel, you can control the volume and other such things.
  • This app can be connected to your social profiles such as Facebook and Twitter and then you can directly share the created music from this app on your social media profile.

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ORG 2017 Apk

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ORG 2017 Apk

ORG 2017 Apk

ORG 2017 Apk

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