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Plants vs Zombies became an instant hit when it first hit the platforms such as PC and after gaining popularity on Microsoft Windows, the developers decided to release the apk(android) version of the game on playStore. Soon after getting launched plants vs zombies free apk attain the attention of android gamers and become popular in android gaming category. The game is known for its beautiful strategic gameplay and the concept of putting plants as the defender of the earth against the zombies who are trying to invade the gardens which are the homes of these plants and they have got to save them at any cost. The players in the game play as plans where more than 20 species of plants are features in the game and each species has its own unique powers to resist the zombies from invading their homeland. To get this game, download the free Plants vs. Zombies Free APK right now from our website. Let us now talk about features and game modes.

If you this game then don’t miss the chance of playing the second edition of it which is updated with some more new features. The second edition is known as Plants vs zombies 2, you can easily download that from play store or downloads its apk file from our site.

Plants vs. Zombies Free Apk Features:

Plants vs. Zombies Free has an intuitive gameplay in which the plants from different species lineup together in order to defend their garden against the attacking zombies. The game is full of amazing game modes and features which we are about to discuss now.

  • The main mode in the game is adventure mode which consists of 50 different levels. As you start the game, you get to play few easy levels where you learn how to fight and play this game. As the game progresses and with each level, the game becomes difficult and a good learning will take you to the end of the game. Learn all the abilities of the plants and make strategies in order to keep these zombies away from your garden. Completing 50 levels completes the adventure mode and then you can move toward the other playing modes of the game.
  • The zombies in the game are also not just from one specie but there are about 26 different kinds of zombies you are going to face in this game. It will be wiser if you play more and more to unlock all the plants available in the game otherwise, without these upgrades, the survival against these haunting zombies is going to be a challenge.
  • These zombies just don’t come growling at you but in fact, they are much than the other walkers. They will also use tricks and different moves such as jumps, slides, and others to reach you quickly and eat you to fill their belly.
  • There are more than 40 upgrades in plants vs zombies free apk which you can buy with the help of experience points and coins earned in the game. These upgrades make your plants and land stronger and more resisting against the zombie attacks.
  • Coins are very important to buy upgrades and do other stuff. You can earn them while playing the game but the amount might not be enough. To get larger packs of coins, go to the main menu in the game and get millions of coins for a little money

Download Plants Vs Zombies Free Apk File:

Download Plants vs zombies free apk


Plants vs zombies free apk

Plants vs zombies free apk

Plants vs zombies free apk

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