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Songsterr Apk Details And Review:

Everyone loves music and most of the people spend time downloading and streaming music online and that is it for them. But there are some people who want to create music for people and share their talent with the world. But, then they need some medium from where they can learn music and for those you want to create music on Guitar, bass, and drums, we have just the perfect app for all our future artists. The name of this brilliant tab app is Songsterr Apk which allows you, the artists to learn more than 0.5 million chords of guitar and drum by playing them. You can also create your own chords and then share them on the app so that you can be an addition to the songsterr family. So what else do this app features? We are going to find out by stating the features of Songsterr Apk.

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Songsterr Apk

Songsterr Apk Features:

Here is a list of all the features on this app which you are going to enjoy in this app

  • Now 100s or 1000s but there are more than 0.5 million chords and tabs on this app which makes it the biggest online school to learn all these chords and tabs right from your smartphone device. Play them and practice them and soon you will be a known artist of the world.
  • 1 tab of the app plays only 1 chord which allows you to concentrate more and more and learn the music in a better way. Different chords playing in 1 tab can present difficulty and that’s why people go for app like this one for their music needs.
  • Music Creators of the app who bring you all these chords get paid for their work and that’s why they work harder to bring more of their work. If you work harder and make chords with passion, you can also earn by becoming one of the Songsterr Apk paid professionals.
  • The guitar in the app is designed in a way that the strings produce the exact sounds which a real guitar does. Also, in this app, songs for some of the other famous instruments such as drums, bass, and vocals are also present and they can be played in separate tabs as well.
  • The already streamed tabs can be played even when you are not connected with the internet. Stream your favorite tabs and then listen to them anywhere without even bothering for an internet connection.
  • With Songsterr Apk You can also play the chords you are learning at the moment. This helps you to understand and learn in a better way.
  • The offline loop enables you to play the streamed chords so that you don’t need to do it manually over and over again.

What’s New in v1.9.5:

  • New Sign up and forget password pages.
  • Max cache size increases to 2 GB.
  • Turn on retina tab rendering for new tabs
  • Offline mode bug has been fixed.
  • Warning about wrong orientation for users of rotation lockers.
  • Some other optimizations and fixation for better performance

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Songsterr Apk

Songsterr Apk Songsterr Apk Songsterr Apk


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