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Using social media, playing games, listening to the music, making calls and texts are things which you do every day on your android smartphones and this has gone really mainstream. Why not try something else now? Why not become a hacker and break into passwords, check out for vulnerabilities, do network mapping and several other things which you can perform on a wireless network. Now boys will definitely want to do all this but a question that arises is that how all of this will be possible? Well, you don’t need to guess because we have got DSPLOIT Apk which is a free penetration testing suite available for the android smartphones above android version 2.3 so that you can do all of the jobs mentioned above. Besides the above-mentioned functions, you can do other things such as Routing your PWN, trace wireless networks, inspect networks, and do port scanning. All of this functions are very easy to do with this app which is your key to go.DSploit Apk

To get the app, download the free DSPLOIT APK right now from our website and begin all the fun with some good ethical hacking. Let us now review some of its features.


DSploit Apk Features And Their Working:

The things you can do with this app are the features of it. Here, we are going to tell you how you can use these features briefly.

Router PWN:

To check for the exploitation of router vulnerabilities, the best tool you can use is Router PWN. Listed below are is a short procedure telling you about how to use this feature.

  1. Open the app and then to open this Router PWN module, tap on the option and it will direct you to its website.
  2. When you will tap on the option saying ‘Target Router Vendor’, it will present you with a list.
  3. Now try these exploits one by one and many of them must work for you.


You can perform many functions with this feature including tracing a target, its IP address, and the connection speed mainly. To use this features, follow the steps given below.

  1. In the app, open the ‘Trace’ module.
  2. In this module after clicking ‘Start’, you will be able to see the scanned target’s IP address.
  3. Also, you will be able to see the connection response time as well.

Port Scanner:

Port Scanner is another major feature which allows you to identify open ports without even connecting to that port. To use this features, read the steps given below.

  1. Open the app and tap on ‘Port Scanner’ module.
  2. Press ‘Start’ and it will display the open port.

The rest of the major features of this app are given below.

  • Vulnerability Finder.
  • Login Cracker.
  • Main in the Middle (MITM).
  • Simple Sniff.
  • Password Snipper and much more.

D0wnload DSploit Pro Apk v 1.0.31b:

Download APK v1.0.31b

DSploit Apk

DSploit Pro Apk

DSploit Pro Apk

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