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If you have any smartphone, a computer, or a tablet, the management of files upon these systems is very important since it is directly related to the performance of the device. However, doing this manually would take a lot of time and you need something which has a mastery in such job such as ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer Apk gives you a safe and secure environment for managing all kinds of files including, apps, games, contacts, and multimedia so that you can very well optimize the performance of your android smartphone. This enables you to save a lot of space by kicking out useless files and apps, increase processing performance by not letting the useless apps to run in the background, and other such measures to ensure an optimized android smartphone. To get this app, download the free ES File Explorer APK and install it right now.

ES File Explorer File Manager Apk

Features Of ES File Explorer Apk:

It is time to get rid of your built-in file explorer and get this one where tasks such as cut, copy, paste, compressing and moving become so easy that all you need is few taps on the screen. Listed below are all the features which you are going to enjoy this app.

  • File Manager is a place where you manage all kind files including your contacts, messages, multimedia, apps, and games that are present in your device. Now with the smart file manager provided by this app, the management of these things has become easier. Now you can easily move things from your SD to phone memory and vice versa. It also tells you about all the apps that are present and how much space they are taking on your phone. You can delete or restore these files just in a matter of a tap.
  • Another job of ES File Explorer File Manager Apk on your phone is the optimization of processing speed. It does that in many ways. By stopping the useless apps from running in the background which takes the load off your ram and processor. It clears all the cache which you do not need anymore and notifies you of the files that are growing larger in size.
  • Before this app, you moving and transferring files from one place to another was a headache. Now with the advanced transfer options in this app, you can move several files within a matter of seconds and it all you have got to do is few taps on the screen.
  • You can even move folders of giant sizes from SD to internal memory. Also, you can transfer these files to another mobile if the other phone is using the same app. An internet connection is required to use this feature of the app and another phone must have ES File Explorer in it.
  • It does not let apps to run in the background which you are not using thus, it improves the processing speed in a great way.

Download ES File Explorer Apk File:

Download ES File Explorer File Manager Apk


Download ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer Apk

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