Football Manager Touch 2017 Apk v8.0
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The wait has been over now the 2017 series of football manager has been recently launched on play store, and thousands of gamers are downloading it to check out the new features and the new amazing graphics. This year FM has launched 2 different versions Football Manager 2017 Mobile Apk and Football Manager Touch 2017 Apk. Both of them are amazing and people are leaving a very positive review for them. Today in this article we are going to discuss FM 2017 touch only. We will also try to upload the version soon.

Being the mobile version of the game which is quite clear by the name, this game brings a whole new and realistic footballing action right on your android smartphones where it gives you a chance to prove the world your management skills and lead your favorite football club to the throne of glory. You can very well estimate the influence of this game from the fact that it is available in more than 130 major languages of the world so that the players all across the world can tune in and compete on the biggest game of football for the androids.

Apart from this version Football Manager developers (SEGA) have also launched one of their another popular series known as Football Manager Mobile 2017, which is also trending in Play Store and users are showing great excitement for it.

If you had played football manager 2016 and you want to import your that club and players to this new version, then don’t worry it is also possible. With the new features of FM 2017 Apk it is included to import player from the previous version.

Football Manager Touch 2017 Apk

FM Touch 2017 Apk Features and Game Modes:

For the android smartphones, there is no doubt that Football Manager Touch 2017 is the biggest sports simulation game. Unlike the previous versions, you can now enjoy the matches of your team playing on the green pitch. Let us now tell you some of the other main features of this new touch version.

  • Unlike the previous game in touch series, you can now enjoy the live match of your team. Also, the game and live action is designed with advanced 3D mobile graphics where actions and intensity of matches reaches a new level. The artificial intelligence and the camera work is simply awesome which is quite apparent when you are playing the game.
  • While your team is competing on the pitch, the inbox feature of the game allows you to send messages for your players from the coaching staff and they will play according to your instruction. If you had made plan A for the game but it didn’t work then you can immediately change it on the pitch to plan B by using this inbox feature and send messages to your team players.
  • When you make a football club, people tend to follow it. The best way of communication between the fans is social media and in this game, this feature is simply praiseworthy. You can update your fans with live news feed and update about their favorite club using the built-in AI social media and let them know what is going on their favorite club.
  • Now the results are displayed in a much better and detailed way. The way it works is that whenever a match finishes, you can see a detailed chart where all the stats such as possession, player ratings, and other stats are mentioned.
  • The backroom staff which has always been an important factor in the game has been improved immensely. This features is much better now and also the features such as challenge mode and scouting has also been enhanced verily in the game.

Football Manager Touch 2017 Apk File:

Football Manager touch 2017 Apk


Football Manager Touch 2017 Apk

Football Manager Touch 2017 Apk

Football Manager Touch 2017 Apk


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