Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk v1.07 For Android
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Grand Theft Auto Vice City  is an open world action-adventure game developed and published by Rock Start games and it was released in 2003 for consoles and Microsoft Windows. For all these years player have loved and played this game and still there are a lot of people who play this game. A couple of years ago it was also released for the android smartphones on the name of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk which increased its fan base even more since most of the people today have android smartphones and when they get a game like this on them, they just can’t stop playing it. Even though the graphics and other details are much weaker as compared to PC and console version but that is justified on the android. You can download the game and read a complete GTA Vice City APK review here on our website today. So let’s begin now.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Features:

In this article, we are going to have a complete review of the features, game modes, and gameplay of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk. There is not much different between both versions of the game but you need to know how good does this game do on the smartphones?

Gameplay: This is the most important thing when we talk about games. We all know that vice city has an amazing gameplay which became one of the top reasons for the success of the game and also the open world genre made it an even better hit. The good thing about the gameplay of the android version is that nothing has changed. Even though the experience changes when you move from controllers, mouse, and keyboard to the touchpad but still it is quite interesting to play. Especially, when you get used to the touchpad, it becomes, even more, fun. Having the game on your android smartphone enables you to play it while you are traveling and or if you are anywhere outside in the world.

Controls and Graphics: It might feel difficult when you start playing in the beginning since touchpad is designed in a way that controls get limited. But the developers have worked quite well since they designed controls for walkthrough, car drive through, and fighting in a very efficient manner. As you progress through the game, you get used to the controls and then everything gets better.

As for graphics, they have been degraded according to the requirements of the smartphones but still, since is on the smartphones, it looks pretty well and much better than most of the games out there. If you buy some high-end android smartphone and download the mods for the game then you can enhance the graphics to a great extent.

Features: Some other features of the game include:

  • Unlimited cars and bikes.
  • The complete story mode and missions.
  • All the guns are available which are available in the original version of the game.
  • By using modes, you can enhance the graphics, get advanced cars and weapons, and much better gameplay.
  • Unlockable things which you can get through the game.

So, this was the complete review of the Grand Theft Auto or GTA Vice City from our site. Leave us your feedback about what you think of this article. Download the free GTA Vice City APK from here and keep visiting our website for more android stuff.

Download GTA Vice City Apk v 1.07:

Download Grand Theft Auto Apk v 1.07

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk.2

GTA Vice City Apk

GTA Vice City Apk

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