Gravity Screen Pro v3.7.5 Apk For Android
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Turning your phone on and off manually is something that you really grow sick off and when you forget to turn it off after use, it also consumes a lot of battery. Also, some people also reported the problem of touches by mistake while their phones were in their pockets and they forget to switch off the screen. If you are facing all these troubles then don’t worry because we have now got the fix for it in the shape of this app named Gravity Screen Pro which works to turn your mobile screen on and off automatically. Gravity Screen Pro Apk works with the help of sensors and when the phone is in use, it will keep the screen on, and if not in use, it will it off.

Gravity Screen on/off Apk is basically an android app which works with the help of sensors. When you are not using your phone, you put it on table or in pocket, this app will automatically turn off the mobile screen and this will save a lot of battery life and any misuse of the phone. Listed below are some of the many amazing features of the app.

This app has a nice pocket sensor so whenever you will put your phone in your pocket, the app will know and it will automatically turn off the screen for you.

gravity screen pro apk

Gravity Screen Pro Apk Features:

Some Amazing Features Of Gravity Screen Pro includes:


  • Just like the pocket sensor, Gravity Screen Pro also has a table sensor so whenever you place your phone on a table and it is not in use, the app will turn your mobile screen off.
  • Turn Screen by Motion is the most amazing feature of this app. Whenever you want to unlock your phone, just wave it and it will open. This is best for people who are facing problem with the unlock button in their phones or if it is completely broken.
  • Your phone will not go off if you are holding the phone in your hand and reading something because of the sensors that detect hand or finger movement and then it keeps the screen on.
  • The smart lock feature enables you to keep good patterns or passwords to ensure the maximum security of your phone.

Isn’t this app something you really needed? If yes, then get it by downloading the free Gravity Screen Pro APK right now from our website and install it on your android smartphone to ensure the security of your phone.

Download Gravity Screen Pro Apk file:

gravity screen pro apk v3.7.5


gravity screen pro apk

gravity screen pro apk

gravity screen pro apk

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