Link2SD Plus APK
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Link2SD Plus Apk is a popular android tool which enables the users to move, transfer, and interlink files from their phone to the SD card memory and that is why it is simply named Link to SD. If you have used the standard version of the app and was bothered by all the advertisement and other stuff, make sure that you move on to get this plus version of the app which gives you some amazing additional features and when you install this one, all the ads get removed. You can now enjoy some new features which you though were lacking in the standard version and you needed them. Also, you will like your link to SD if it is ad-free and this is what exactly what this version offers.

To get this app, download the free Link2SD APK right now from our website and install it to enjoy services from this easy SD card tool. Let us now move on to tell you some of the major features of the app.

Link2SD Plus APK


Link2SD Plus Apk Features.

The features which are listed below, contain the ones which are included in both the standard and plus versions and also the new ones in the plus version only.

  • With Link2SD Plus Apk, it is even easier to link your internal memory with the SD card.
  • You can now move, copy, or transfer files from internal memory to SD with even greater speeds.
  • With the Plus edition, the app now supports an even wider variety of SD card formats such as FAT32. Ext2, Ext3, and many others.
  • Whenever internal memory is about to be filled, it automatically start moving the files to the SD card.
  • Frequently removes the unnecessary cache and other files covering the space and this keeps your phone optimized as well.
  • With Link2SD Plus Apk, you can get rid of all the advertisement which bother you in the standard version of the app.
  • Using your Google account, you can stay connected to the app for as long as you want.

Note: You will need to get the updates by contacting the developer because of the issues with the play store. The old version, however, can be download and installed from play store. Also, you will need to buy the license key in order to register and subscribe for the plus version of the app.

Link2SD Apk Review.

This app has always been the best solution for the people who wanted to make their terms easier with the SD cards installed in their phones. It gets rid of the worry of manually moving, copying, or transferring the files from your internal memory to the SD or vice versa. What is better than the automatic optimization of your phone when your files are being managed by an application? One problem which degrades the app is that it sometimes removes files and apps which were important to you but due to some reason you weren’t using them for some time but this seems like a rare case. Getting the advanced version solves problems such as internal and automatic linking and the removal of ads. This app definitely is a complete solution for your connections to the SD card.

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Link2SD Plus APK

Link2SD Plus APK

Link2SD Plus APK

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