My OldBoy Apk v1.5.0 For Android
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If sometimes you got lost in those memories when you used to play games on Game Boy or Game Boy color, then it is time you rewind and play all those memories again. Yes, now with this amazing emulator developed for android smartphones, you can now enjoy all the games which you used to play on your Game Boy. The name of this emulator is My OldBoy Apk and it is now one of the most grossing game emulators on Google Play. Now instead of getting separate games for the console, you can get all the game files in your android device and then play all those game on your old boy emulator. This app run games as accurately as a best software can. To get this emulator, download the free My Old Boy APK right now from our website and install it on your device for some fun.

How to use My Old Boy?

Before we move on to tell you anything such as the features of this game boy emulator, I would like to teach you with a simple guide how to use this emulator. Even though this is quite easy thing to do but since most people are not familiar with such apps, they keep on missing the point. Follow the points below to play games on this emulator.

  1. Download game files of any Game Boy or Game Boy Color game you want to play.
  2. Open the emulator and go to load game option.
  3. Now it will ask you to show it the path of the folder which contains game files.
  4. Go to that folder, select the game file of the game you want to play and load.
  5. You can also customize controls and graphics in the respective section.

So, this is how you play games using My Old Boy emulator.

My OldBoy Apk Features:

Here is a list of all the features of this beautiful emulator for game boy.

  1. Using the ARM assembly code, you can get fastest emulations of games.
  2. This is the best emulator for game boy due to its maximum game compatibility.
  3. It does not consume much of your battery as compared to other such apps.
  4. Cable simulation can be done with other device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  5. You can enjoy vibrations just like the ones you get in play station controller.
  6. Its compatibility with android hardware generates more colors than game boy console.
  7. You can use cheat codes in any games to make your game time easier.
  8. If you want to stick with gameplay then you can skip or fast forward the cut scenes.
  9. Open GL technology support brings more colors and better graphics for the androids.
  10. Using GLSL shades, this emulators brings home some amazing gaming performance.
  11. With the on-screen controls for every game, you can now be a master at it.
  12. The layout customization can be done and you can place things wherever you are.
  13. You can place controls and even change themes with this layout customization feature.
  14. If you want to connect an external controller then you can because it is supported.
  15. Create shortcuts on the main menu and then play them directly from it.

This emulator still has a lot of functions which you can enjoy by playing it yourself.

More Features in the Full Version:

If you go for the full version of this app, you can get even more amazing features. Let us now talk about these additional features of the app.

  1. With My OldBoy Apk full version, you can now save your game anywhere and then load it from the same point.
  2. In the full version, the fast forward has been enhanced and you can fast forward cut scenes with speed 2 times greater.
  3. With a better hardware, the speed can be increased to 50 times than original.
  4. Now you can get more number of cheats for every game with the full version.
  5. Features such as Printer emulation and GB camera have also been added.
  6. You can create a lot of profiles for your layouts and then you can load them at any time for any layout.

So, get My Old Boy free emulator right now and bring back the memories of your Game Boy console gaming times.

Download My OldBoy APk v1.5:

Download APK v1.5

My OldBoy Apk Version History:

You can checkout all old version of my oldboy with their apk download link From HERE

My OldBoy APk

My OldBoy APk

My OldBoy APk

My OldBoy APk

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