Package Disabler Pro APK 7.4 (Samsung) For Android 3.0+
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All of use different SMS, Call, and Internet data packages on our phones and when we have to disable it for some reason, the only option we have is to unsubscribe for it. This is really annoying and also results in loss of money as well. So to avoid this problem, we needed something which would really help us with this problem. Fortunately, now with the help of this app named Package Disabler Pro Apk, you can easily disable all the packages whether it is your internet data package, call package, or a SMS package. Whenever you don’t need them or you have just got to disable it for some reason, simply do it with the help of this app.

You can also get this app’s special version from your telecom provider as well. To get it, download the free Package Disabler Pro right now from our site.

Package Disabler Pro Apk

Package Disabler Pro APK Features Apk:

Before we move on to tell you the features of the app, know that if it is not working for you then you might have rooted your androids system. So, make sure that your android device is not rooted when you install and try to use this app. Let us now tell you the features of this app.

  1. Package Disabler Pro Apk is absolutely free to use and you don’t need to pay for any offer.
  2. This device works on device that are not rooted make a 100% legit app.
  3. Package Disabler Pro works on one-click system so when you need to disable packages, simply tap on the option.
  4. Does not matter whether you want to disable a SMS, MMS, Call, or an Internet packages, it works perfectly.
  5. To save your package from the useless of your kids, this app is the best option.
  6. You can protect your Package Disabler Pro Apk with the help of password.
  7. There are special filters in the app such as to show all the data or other packages enabled in the systems.
  8. You can create a list of all the packages that are present on your phone.
  9. Now just the packages that are present on your system, you can also have a look at all the apps that are install in your phone.
  10. You can either disable all apps at one time or do it separately or how it suits you.

You might face few problem using this and if your system is not supporting it well, just go to the settings, then to the security settings, open device administrators, and there, uncheck this box saying ‘Package Disabler Admin’. So get this app right now and bring some convenience home.

Download Package Disabler Pro Apk v7.4:

Download APK v7.4


Package Disabler Pro Apk ScreenShot:

Package Disabler Pro Apk

Package Disabler Pro Apk

Package Disabler Pro Apk

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