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If you love playing card games and it has always been solitaire, and other conventional ones then I guess it is the time we get rid of all this and get something which is new, brilliant, and unique. How about playing a story, ruling a dynasty, have romance, making war strategies, and do all things you can as a King simply on cards? Well, I am not talking in the air since all of this is possible with this amazing card game called Reigns Apk. You are a King of a dynasty where everything is facing a turmoil whether it is the love life of the King, enemies on one side, and there are a lot of things which you will be battling and just by paying a little price.

Reigns Apk

To get this game, download the free Reigns APK + MOD Latest Version right now from our website and let us get started with it.

“Reigns Apk” Game Modes And Story:

If we talk about game modes, they basically depend on the story. There is not much to do except the massive use of your brain. This game is all about strategy and thinking where you face different problems. Everything is on cards. All you have got to do is to listen to things where you are facing something. Being a King, Ministers, Queen, subjects, and other people will be saying different things and you will need to read that on cards keenly to make important decisions. If you work your strategies in a right way, it will result in the success of things you do and result in the expansion of the dynasty. Every decision that you make in this game has consequences so make sure that you keep all the things in mind while you make one. Once we talked about the game modes, let us now move on to tell you the features of this game.

Reigns Apk Features:

Here is a list of all the features which you are going to enjoy in this game.

  1. Reigns Apk can be played for free if you get APK file from here and install it otherwise, you have got to pay on play store.
  1. Reigns Apk has simple one-touch and swapping controls where you simply hear to story and make decisions.
  1. You can use the special instincts to make important choices and they can be upgraded as well.
  1. There are a lot of subjects, ministers, and other people you will be ruling including armies.
  1. The game works on all android smartphones even the older ones and has good visuals.

Download Reigns Apk v1:

Download APK

Reigns Apk

Reigns Apk

Reigns Apk

Reigns Apk

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