SoundAbout Pro Apk v2.5.8.0 For Android 2.1+
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Have you ever came across an app which was made solely to solve your call, music, and other audio routing problems? If not, then the wait is certainly over because I am going to introduce you to this app named SoundAbout Pro which is solely built for the audio routing purposes. Now doesn’t matter what kind of audio output device you have, SoundAbout Pro Apk will connect you easily with them. A number of music outputs which you can connect to include Bluetooth earphones, any wireless earphones which you have, big sound systems such as 5.1 surround, and so many other audio outputs which you can name can be connected with your phone using this app. There are so many other features related to sound output which you can enjoy with this app.

To get this app for your phone, download the free SoundAbout APK from our website and enjoy.

SoundAbout Pro Apk

SoundAbout Pro Apk Features:

There are so many features which you can enjoy with the help of this app. Let us now tell you some of the major features.

  • Using SoundAbout Pro Apk, you can route your phone’s audio to all kind of wireless or wired sound outputs such as speakers, earphones, headphones, Bluetooth sound outputs, and every other device you can name.
  • Using this app is not difficult at all. All you need to do is to connect device and that device will be added to the list of the app and then you can select the device to route the audio towards.
  • The feature which is really amazing from this app is that you can add a lot of audio outputs at a single time and if all of those outputs are on, you can keep changing the audio and keep switching between these audio outputs just by tapping the option.
  • SoundAbout has a built-in voice feature which will call put the name of any person who is calling you and this saves you the trouble of taking out phone every time to check on your calls. If you hear a name with whom you want to talk to, you can bring out your phone and answer it otherwise, let it ringing for a while LOL!
  • The text-to-speech feature of this app will convert everything you write into speech and say it out loud for you. If you are connected to a louder sound system, you can turn off caller ringtone and other notification sounds directly from the app as well.

Download SoundAbout Pro Apk File:

SoundAbout Pro Apk

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SoundAbout Pro Apk

SoundAbout Pro Apk

SoundAbout Pro Apk

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