Titanium Backup Pro Key Apk v 7.6.1 For Android 2.1+
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Titanium Backup Pro Key Apk is one the most finest android application for taking backup of your complete device. Titanium Backup Pro Makes it sure to take a complete backup of your android on regular basis and upload that your google drive or other cloud storage (with other option) so that you could use it when you need.

You never know being an android smartphone user when your phone gets attacked by things such as viruses, malware, or you go for processes such as hard resetting your phone and several other tragedies. In all of these cases, it is very important that you have a backup of all the apps and files so that when you get operating system back, you can restore them to their original form. Manually backing up files and apps is good but who remembers doing it? Most people don’t think about that and they keep crying when they lose all their data. So, for the solution of this problem, have brought this app called Titanium Backup Pro which is the best app for backing up your files.

Titanium Backup Pro Apk

Titanium Backup Pro Key Apk Features:

Before you move to read the features of this app, you need to know that this is a root app and it is very necessary to root your android smartphone for using this app. Having said that, let us now tell you some of the major features and uses of this app.

  • Now don’t waste your time by backing up apps one by one. Instead, simply use titanium backup pro key apk for backing up multiple apps at a single time and it will do it easily
  • The app has this amazing feature called 0-click batch restore which means that whenever you need to restore a file, you will do it with the help of a simple tap on the screen and the app will restore all backed up apps from its storage.
  • Not just a few apps or files but with the help of this app, you can back up several other files types such as SMS, MMS, contacts, calls, bookmarks, XML files, and Wi-Fi data as well. When you have all this data stored as the backup, you can restore them anytime from the storage of the app.
  • For apps such as games, this app can support multiple users who can save and back up a lot of their game data in this app.
  • Does not matter whether the apps are open or closed, the automatic backup feature of this app makes a backup of every app that is currently on your phone.
  • The rest of the features which you are going to enjoy this app include hyper shell speed, migrating system data within different ROMs, destroy all market links, encryption of the backed up data, syncing with the drop box, and synching with Google drive.

So, isn’t this app everything you need for your backup plans? If yes, then download the free Titanium Backup Pro KeyAPK right now from our website and install it to save your apps and data for future convenience.

Download Titanium Backup Pro Key Apk File:

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