Unified Remote Full APK v3.7.4 For Android
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Converting and using your android smartphone into remote control for your TV, a music system, or turning it into a Bluetooth of Wi-Fi adapter is possible. To do that, there are several apps on the store but make sure that you get the best one. If you don’t know much about these apps then with our consent you can go for this one named Unified Remote Full. This can be considered the best app due to its support for devices such as Linux, Windows computer, and it has support for more than 90 different devices which really is a long list. These devices include different media players, wireless mouse and keyboard devices, screen mirroring, terminal, file manager, and power control. To get this for free, download the Unified Remote Full Apk right now from our website and install in your device to enjoy the features of this app.

Unified Remote Full Apk

Features of Unified Remote Full Apk:

Note that there are two versions of this app which are free and paid. There are some key features which are common in both and then the full version which is paid, has full features. Listed below are all the key features.

  • The server and app setup of this app is very easy which anybody can do.
  • To find servers, you can use the automatic features which is free and easy.
  • To increase the security, server encryption is enabled so you can use it safely.
  • If you connected a mouse, this app has both multi and single touch features.
  • To start your server easily, you can use wake on LAN feature for it.
  • It has two different themes namely light and dark to enhance the look.
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac, all are supported by Unified Remote Full.
  • It is also supported by Raspberry Pi and other computer systems.
  • For your use, the app features 18 free remotes so you can choose any and use.

Unified Remote Full Apk Review:

We recommend this Unified Remote Full Apk over all other apps due to the fact that it supports more number of devices than any other such app. Also, you will find lesser crashes and bugs problems. With the updates, you get every month or every few months, the app gets updated with support for more number of devices. The only con which users and experts find is not the price but they find it expensive. This app is used less as compared to other substandard apps because it is not free while other apps are being downloaded more since they are free even though they have fewer features. If the developers could do something about this, then there is no doubt, this will be the most used app for remote control purposes.

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Unified Remote Full Apk

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Unified Remote Full APK Version History:

Unified Remote Full Apk

Unified Remote Full Apk

Unified Remote Full Apk

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