Facebook Dating Was A Catastrophic Failure — And I Know Why.

Facebook Inc, now called Meta, announced its dating application, Facebook Dating, in May 2018.

There was real excitement, with people expecting a revolutionary dating app that would soon beat Tinder.

it is no wonder when you consider the size of the company, its technical capabilities, and most importantly the large volume of data that Facebook has collected about its users.

four years later, it hasn’t taken over the market – most people have simply forgotten about it.

Facebook’s own data suggest not many people use the service – about 300,000 in New York, compare with the claimed 3 million Bumble users in New York.

My own research shows that receiving a positive signal on a dating app for a male heterosexual user is a rather rare event.

Facebook Dating coincided with all sorts of scandals, including the Cambridge Analytica one, and parliamentary questioning.

It seems most likely intentional that Meta allows fake accounts to lurk around Facebook Dating.