Twitter Investor sues Elon Musks And Platform Over Takeover Bid.

The case alleges he violated California corporate laws in a number of ways.

Tesla boss of "wrongful conduct" as his "false statements and market manipulation have created 'chaos' at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco".

Twitter shares are around 27% lower than Mr Musk's $54.20 offer price.

A class-action is a lawsuit that has been filed or is defended by an individual acting on behalf of a group of people.

The lawsuit claimed Mr Musk benefitted financially by delaying the disclosure of his significant stake in Twitter.

Twitter has confirmed that two of its bosses are leaving the social media company

Mr Musk said he would reverse former US President Donald Trump's ban from Twitter if his takeover bid was successful.

Mr Trump has said that he does not want to return to Twitter, but instead aims to build up his own Truth Social platform.