The World Ends With You Apk v1.0.4 For Android 4.0
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There are games on the android platform which makes you feel that you don’t need a bigger console or a PC at all. Even though when you want to move on towards bigger platforms for gaming, you just sit back because that’s when you find something really amazing. Square ENIX, who developed this game amazing role-playing game for androids named ‘The World End with You’, claimed that this will be the best of year and sure, it already seems so. One of the most epic RPG games ever developed for the androids where you can have a magical combination of powers and action. Moreover, the graphics which are reaching the new levels and when they combine with an excellent gameplay and modes, that’s what makes a massive game. To get it on your android smartphones, download ‘The World Ends with You APK’ from our website right now.

The World ends with you apk

“The World Ends With You Apk” Story and Game Modes:

A good story is something without which one cannot ever claim its game to be even playable. The game in discussion definitely has an edge when it comes to story mode which we are going to tell you now.

The World Ends With You Story:

The story of the game is setup in Tokyo, Japan. One day our protagonist who is this little boy, he wakes up in a crowd and he does not seem to find the way out of it. Then in a letter which he finds, it is written that it could only be done if he clear a certain series of missions which are actually a bund of riddles. As you keep solving these riddles, things will start opening for you such as where does our hero come from and where is he here? Play the game to know the rest.

Game Modes and Features:

There are so many game modes that I can’t stop explaining.

Combat: Without combat, games get boring and they even get bored when it is not intuitive. The same is not the case with this game where intuition and skills merge to form an environment where things get really excited. Use kicks, punches, and dragging to kills the enemies and know their combinations for effective damage.

Bonus Missions: As you progress through the story and keep completing the missions, you also get bonus chapters which you can complete to gain extra points and rewards.

Exploring Japan: The game is based in Japan. The environment and culture of the state is elaborated beautifully through detailed visuals.

Graphics and Audio: There is no doubt that the game is something else when it comes to mobile graphics with amazing visuals and there are about 60 tracks in it.

Features: Listed below are some of the features of the game.

  • The World Ends With You Apk is an open world RPG game one.
  • There are more than 60 soundtracks with lots of amazing missions to play.
  • There are bonus chapters so that you can earn extra points and rewards.
  • Skills and Abilities can be upgraded with extra points you earn.
  • This game is optimized amazingly well.

Download The World Ends With You Apk:

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The World ends with you apk

The World ends with you apk

The World ends with you apk

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