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If you a fan of arcade games and haven’t had a good game in a while, it is time that you get a really good. YouTurbo Apk is an action arcade game developed by ‘HEYOU Games’ and it was published for release on the android and IOS play stores. This game has something really amazing about. Unlike other normal arcade games, here you enjoy a lot of tracks, with mission objects that are completely different from each other and whenever you play it, you feel like you are in a real fantasy world. You play in a car where two lads are fighting and tackling monsters with guns and tricks just to make past them and that is all for some real fun.

YouTurbo Apk

So, if you are really feeling excited about this amazing arcade game then download the free YouTurbo APK right now from our below download button and start having fun with one of the most amazing arcade games for the smartphone devices.

YouTurbo Apk Games Modes and Features:

It is time that you join your friends in this fantasy car which has weapons and amazing magical powers. Now fight, dodge, and kill the monster that are invading your way in each mission and get past them to clear the level. Each level has different level of monster and as you progress through the game, it became difficult and difficult. This is not just an ordinary arcade with 50 or 100 levels which you could complete easily in a little time but in fact, in this game, you will playing a thousand levels before you reach its end. These are monsters in your way to stop you, hurdles and obstacles to make your way even difficult and in short, a bigger adventure is waiting for you once you get in this fantasy car with your friend.

Once we have talked about the gameplay and game modes of the game, let us now talk about some of the amazing features of YouTurbo.

  • In YouTurbo Apk, there are a total of thousand levels which are going a long while to complete.
  • Each level is completely different from the other however, the difficulty level may remain for some levels and then change.
  • In every mission of the game, you will face new challenges such as new monsters, hurdles, and obstacles.
  • The complete version of the game has 1000 levels and demo version has 10 levels which is free to download and play.
  • There are a lot of items that can be unlocked and collected in the game but you will need to discover them first.

Note: Make sure that you have a good internet connection which could run this game easily and it must disconnect while playing otherwise, you will lose your complete game progress. Also, make sure that you keep backing up your game data. So, get YouTurbo right now from our website and get on this beautiful and chaotic adventure.

Download YouTurbo Apk v1.2 For Free:

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YouTurbo Apk

YouTurbo Apk

YouTurbo Apk

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